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Welcome to Amafh Employment Services (AES), your trusted partner in unlocking the power of Human Resources (HR) for your business.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

At AES, we specialize in talent acquisition and recruitment services that ensure you find the perfect fit for your company. Our team of experts employs advanced sourcing techniques, complemented by a strong focus on relevant HR keywords, to attract top talent from various industries. From posting compelling job openings to conducting thorough candidate assessments, we take care of every step in the recruitment process, ensuring you get the best candidates to drive your business forward.

Employee Onboarding and Training

We understand that efficient onboarding and training are essential for employee success and retention. AES assists in designing comprehensive onboarding programs that help new hires seamlessly integrate into your company's culture. Additionally, our tailored training solutions enhance your employees' skills, fostering their professional growth and boosting overall productivity.

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HR Policies and Compliance

With a solid grasp of UAE labor laws and regulations, AES provides HR consulting services to develop and implement HR policies that align with local legislation. Our experienced professionals help establish fair and effective practices, ensuring a harmonious and compliant work environment for your employees.


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AES’s HR experts design performance management systems that align with your company’s goals and promote employee development. We set clear performance objectives, conduct evaluations, and facilitate constructive feedback and recognition, motivating your employees to excel.

We understand that engaged and satisfied employees are the cornerstone of successful organizations. AES offers strategies and initiatives to enhance employee engagement and retention. Through surveys, feedback mechanisms, and recognition programs, we create a positive and supportive work culture that fosters loyalty and commitment.

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Top Talent Sourcing

Our advanced sourcing techniques and access to a vast network of professionals ensure that we connect you with top-tier candidates who perfectly match your requirements.

HR Compliance and Regulations

Stay confident in HR compliance as we navigate UAE labor laws and regulations, ensuring your practices align with legal requirements.

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