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The Aliyas Group was established in 2007 by Mr. Ummed Ali Khan. Within a short period, the Group diversified its operations and ventured into various sectors, including Financial Brokerage, Commercial Brokerage, Real Estate, and Corporate Services among others. Our team of professionals possesses extensive expertise in logistics and manpower supply, which we have successfully utilized to expand and develop these diverse verticals. Since then, the Group has witnessed exponential growth and currently employs over 4,000 individuals.
The challenge of placing the right employees in the right positions at the right time has always been a concern for corporations. Recognizing this critical global need and aiming to assist corporations in focusing on their core activities, The Aliyas Group has expanded its services beyond manpower supply to establish Amafh Employment Services. This company caters to entrepreneurs worldwide, providing a comprehensive range of services such as on-demand employee recruitment, payroll management, immigration clearing services, labor dispute resolution, and PRO services.

At AES, we are dedicated to continuous growth and improvement through the implementation of efficient systems and processes. Our outsourcing capabilities are poised for further expansion, and we are committed to achieving new heights in due course.


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